Education and Training

Dennis Johnson received B.A. degrees in piano performance and business management from Luther College in 1979. In 1980 he started an apprenticeship program with William Sadler at the U of M, then became a Registered Piano Technician in 1982 and accepted warranty service contracts from Schmitt Music. Since 1987 he has been the primary, full-time piano technician for the Music Department at St. Olaf College. Mr. Johnson also received advanced, special factory training from Steinway, Yamaha and Bösendorfer, and has collaborated with other prominent technicians around the country on important restoration projects. He is also known for teaching classes on various subjects of piano technology and historical temperament at Local, Regional and National Seminars and Conventions with the Piano Technicians Guild. For more information about the Piano Technicians Guild click here:

The Music Department piano inventory at St. Olaf College consists of about 150 high end pianos. These instruments are maintained to standards expected of any prominent music school or conservatory, and are worthy of a tour for any serious piano lover. Our inventory includes 3 harpsichords, the beautiful 1825 Graf reproduction fortepiano by Rod Regier, and a brand new Bösendorfer model 280VC concert grand. In 2019 we visited their factory and became the first school in the country to purchase one of these newly re-designed pianos from Bösendorfer. It is truly a gem. The St. Olaf Piano inventory represents a diverse collection of new and restored instruments, which has gradually become something of a model for other schools in the region. * I will treat your home or church instrument with the same professional respect and knowledgeable experience. Often, this necessarily happens a Saturday or during off/hours but I do have scheduling flexibility. For more information on the Music Department at St. Olaf College click here:

If you have been unsatisfied with the performance of your piano in general, or suspect a previous technician has not realized its full potential, or simply looking for an experienced technician located in the south metro, then give a call or send your contact information and we’ll coordinate a visit.

It’s true that I am busy, but in the event I’m not able to schedule myself soon, I can send you in the right direction to a competent technician with experience in your specific need, at no charge.